Exclusive Apps

Among other things, we offer exclusive Apps for the LB-Phone, completely free of charge. Let’s make LB-Phone better than it ever was.

Safari – App

View your website ingame.
The function of the app is to display any website on the phone. Here is intentionally no search box, but only the website displayed that the server wants. It is perfect for displaying project websites or a forum.

Flappy Bird – App

We are bringing back Flappy Bird to LB-Phone!
Presenting a personalized application exclusively for the LB-Phone – Flappy Börd. This game is a spin-off inspired by Flappy Bird, crafted to elevate your gaming experience.


TicTacToe, the timeless classic, is now available at your fingertips with our immersive and engaging app for LB-Phone! Experience the thrill of this strategic game as you challenge friends, family, or even test your skills against our intelligent AI opponent.
Some would say it is impossible…


Pac-Man, the timeless masterpiece, is now available and waiting to be experienced on your LB-Phone! Navigate the maze, evade the ghosts, and collect points in this iconic labyrinth. Use the settings to customize the game to your preferences and enhance your gaming experience.