Custom order cancellationrules

The purchase of the service does not guarantee any claim to a product or service. There is no obligation to do so. It is seen as a donation to the creator MFPSCRIPTS and used according to these rules.

If a script or an order is not realizable after the estimation, the costs will be fully refunded to the buyer of the non-binding service after an expense allowance of 5.00 EUR.

In case the buyer is dissatisfied with a product, he has no right to a refund, replacement or resale of the property of MFPSCRIPTS, to which the “donor” has access only if it is possible. If there is no product, the buyer has no legal right to a refund.

Personal Information

Hello, Maxi here. I’m also just one of many scripters who want to deliver the best possible quality to their community. I do my best, but can’t promise anything. That’s why this service is also considered as support and does not require any consideration or devaluation. Thank you and I hope to realize your dreams!