For what are our scripts? (FiveM, RageMP, GTA V Native!)

Our scripts are written for GTA V and can be used with minor modifications. They can also be used on FiveM servers by CFX without any changes, and can be modified to be used on other third-party platforms like AltV or RageMP. While FiveM is compatible with our scripts, it is not essential, and our scripts are optimized for this use. Therefore, there is no legal connection to Cfx, as our products are merely adapted for use and are not exclusively designed for this purpose, and Rockstar Games does not profit from this.

Es_Extend Versions:

To avoid unhappy customers, the scripts basically support only the following Es_Extended versions:

  • 1.0
  • 1.1
  • 1.2
  • Final

All others are generally excluded from support, but will be handled if requested and a solution will be tried. If this is not possible, the error lies with the customer with another framework.

What is ESX or Es_Extended?

es_extended is a popular modification (mod) for FiveM, a modified version of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) that allows users to host custom servers. es_extended is a community-created framework that enables server developers to create custom functions and content for their servers.

es_extended includes a variety of features and resources that allow server developers to improve the player experience on their servers. These include custom jobs, skills, weapons, and vehicles that can be added to the game. es_extended is often used in conjunction with other mods and resources to create complex, custom servers.

If you are interested in using es_extended in FiveM, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the documentation and resources provided by the FiveM community. Note that es_extended may require knowledge of programming and modding and that the use of mods in FiveM may be restricted in the GTA V terms of use.


The native UI for FiveM is the interface that is built into the game and used to access and interact with the features of the modification. It is accessed through the in-game menu and can be used to do things like join servers, communicate with other players, and access various in-game options and settings. The native UI is an integral part of the FiveM experience and is used by players to fully take advantage of the modification and customize their gameplay experience.